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The New Administration

I try to stay out of politics when I write my blogs. I lead such an exciting life, that there are literally hundreds of alternative topics for me to write about-cybersecurity, clown porn, even Scarlett Johansson’s new hair style. But for today, the topic is going to be politics. And where to start? Let me… Read more »

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The Republican Debate 2015

So I watched the Republican debate, or as I called it, the Republican clown car convention. I watched all of the crazies come out and beg for the presidential nomination. Let’s just say the candidates belong on the island of misfit toys. Donald Trump. He’s obviously the Captain of the clown car. He’s insane. I… Read more »

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Men at Work?

At this point in time, is there anyone who doesn’t believe the only reason the Republicans are so uncooperative and so unhappy with this President, is because he’s black? Can you imagine Republicans asking to see a white candidate’s birth certificate? Booing him during speeches? Sticking a finger in his face like Arizona Governor Jan… Read more »