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Paramount Ranch

Note: I wrote this blog before the recent fires swept through Paramount Ranch, destroying it completely. Westworld is like the best show on TV right now. It’s definitely one of my new favorites. And as luck would have it, I live pretty close to one of their sets, the western set used for Sweetwater. I… Read more »

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Add A Word, Ruin A Movie

One of my favorite ways to waste time online… It’s a pretty simple premise – add a word to a movie title and totally destroy the movie. Here are a few of my favorites: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Betty Disney’s The Exorcist Martin Lawrence of Arabia Annie Hall Monitor Oakland Raiders of… Read more »

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Great Scott!

Well today I finally sent out the query letters for my new book, so I guess I’ll find out if anyone is interested in reading my book proposal. I’m hoping for a few nibbles since clown porn is en vogue right now (I said en vogue rather than in vogue because I’m sophisticated and just… Read more »

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Raiders Of The Lost AARP

Harrison Ford has been in the news quite a bit lately. Not only has he signed on for the next Indiana Jones movie, but he will also reprise the role of Han Solo in the newly announced Star Wars reboot. The Star Wars movie sounds great as long as the Han Solo character is age… Read more »

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Original Movie Dialog

Writing dialog is an art. The spoken word you hear on the big screen is the result of several read-throughs and multiple rewrites -the final product is flawless. So let’s take a peek behind the finished product and see your favorite lines before they’ve been cleaned up, improved or cut altogether….   “Well Igor, I… Read more »

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The Perils of Time Travel

Yesterday, I received several comments on my recent blog where I posted some old photographs of the Back to the Future sets. One of the comments was how cool would it have been if Marty and Doc had travelled back to the time of Robin Hood. Ok. Let’s give it a try.   Draft 1… Read more »