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This weekend, I was lucky enough to find an IBM P70 for a real cheap price. It’s not a working model, but I am pretty sure I can get it running before the end of the year. The P70 was IBM’s first portable computer. Well actually, the first portable IBM computer was the 5155, but… Read more »

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The Model M Keyboard

Have you ever taken a close look at your computer keyboard? Chances are, the one you’re using now is what’s referred to in the industry as a “disposal keyboard”, and probably costs less than $10 to produce. When you buy a computer today, it usually comes with a mouse and keyboard. Computer companies manufacture these… Read more »

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Too Many Projects

Hi everyone, With the Memorial Day holiday and the three projects I was working on this weekend, I didn’t get around to publishing a blog entry yesterday. Sorry. But for one brief moment in time, the Internet had one less crappy blog entry to search for. I did manage to complete three new projects though,… Read more »

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IBM 5155 Portable Computer

I had been thinking about buying an old Compaq or IBM laptop to restore when I came across the IBM 5155. The 5155 was somewhere in between a desktop and a laptop. It was IBM’s first attempt at portable computing. It weighed 30 pounds and came equipped with a built-in monitor, floppy drive, and keyboard.It… Read more »