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More Accolades For My Website

   Wow. It’s been a heck of a weekend so far. I got lots of email and lots of new comments. And just look at these celebrity accolades: **of course they’re not real!   “Is this website created in Mexico? Is it here legally? I think it’s responsible for a lot of crime.” – Donald… Read more »

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First Star Trek, Now Star Wars?

I’m still not sure if JJ Abrams should be directing the new Star Wars movies. Sure he’s amazingly talented, and he’s created some of my favorite TV shows like Lost and Fringe, but giving him carte blanche for Star Wars? I’m not so sure. He certainly didn’t learn anything from the original Star Trek movies…. Read more »

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Accolades For My Website

I thought it would be nice to share some of the feedback I have been receiving for my website and blog. I hope to post more later! ** of course they’re not real.   “Tis one of the best amalgamations of quality information ever amassed by a common man. Do tell me, has Rhianna split… Read more »

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Charlie Sheen or Benjamin Franklin?

I’m currently pitching a new game show to ABC called Charlie Sheen or Benjamin Franklin? The game itself is quite easy to play – the host will describe actual situations, and the contestants simply need to guess who it pertains to – Charlie Sheen or Benjamin Franklin. Sound easy? It’s not. Take a look below,… Read more »

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Raiders Of The Lost AARP

Harrison Ford has been in the news quite a bit lately. Not only has he signed on for the next Indiana Jones movie, but he will also reprise the role of Han Solo in the newly announced Star Wars reboot. The Star Wars movie sounds great as long as the Han Solo character is age… Read more »

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Original Movie Dialog

Writing dialog is an art. The spoken word you hear on the big screen is the result of several read-throughs and multiple rewrites -the final product is flawless. So let’s take a peek behind the finished product and see your favorite lines before they’ve been cleaned up, improved or cut altogether….   “Well Igor, I… Read more »

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Resistance Is Futile

Ah, the Borg. Those brutal, yet loveable robotic drones from the fictional world of Star Trek. The Borg, for those of you who don’t follow Star Trek, were a frightening species who went around the galaxy assimilating other races and making them part of their own collective society. The Borg assimilated their victims with the… Read more »

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The Perils of Time Travel

Yesterday, I received several comments on my recent blog where I posted some old photographs of the Back to the Future sets. One of the comments was how cool would it have been if Marty and Doc had travelled back to the time of Robin Hood. Ok. Let’s give it a try.   Draft 1… Read more »

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The Hollywood Sign

I was working on an article about the Hollywood Sign and had finished all the desktop research I could – the only thing remaining was a possible visit to the Sign itself. I contacted the trust that handles media inquiries for the Hollywood Sign, and they agreed to help me out. This was a remarkable… Read more »