My New Children’s Book

I met with my editor on Friday, and these were the take-a-way notes for my newest children’s book: The words “lube” and “chipmunk” should not appear in the same sentence, let alone as the opening line from Chapter 1. The local spelling bee you described in Chapter 2 should not end with Charlie Sheen bludgeoning… Read more »

The Dark Web

As a computer guy, I have worked with two companies who were victims of hacking. In both cases, I was a member of the rebuild team. We helped fix the damage and make sure it didn’t happen again. As soon as people hear the word hacking, the first question I’m always asked is “do you… Read more »

An old conversation

It was an unusually warm summer afternoon in Jerusalem 3000 years ago. Mort, Sayid, and John had just finished playing racquetball and were sitting around the bar drinking Baoji wine. After a few minutes of guy talk, mostly about the new dresses that were showing much more ankle this year, Mort commented on the growing… Read more »

  • Black Friday Bingo

    Welcome to Steve’s Casino and Grill. Why not try your hand at some Black Friday Bingo? Click Bingo card to enlarge.    

  • November 22, 1963, Part 2

    I decided to do a second part to my previous post and talk a little bit about Lee Harvey Oswald.  I watched last week as a memorial was erected in Texas to the police officer who died at the same time as President Kennedy, JD Tippit, and I was really appalled to see that the… Read more »

  • November 22, 1963, Part 1

    There have always been conspiracy theories. Sometimes the general public can’t accept that bad things happen for no reason or just happen randomly. Almost 50 years ago, the Warren Commission found that a lone gunman killed President Kennedy; that the assassin was a Communist and he acted alone. Since then, evidence has been piling up… Read more »

  • Words

    As an eBay addict, I have a lot of items on my eBay wish list. Whenever one of these items becomes available, I receive an email notification. The other day, I received nine emails for the same rare item. Nine emails for a rare item? Have people forgotten the word rare isn’t just how you… Read more »

  • Open Mouth. Insert Foot.

    Mitt Romney’s handlers determined he should keep a low profile this week. I’m not sure why they would want to keep him away from the media though…. “One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I’d be a great president.” “Corporations are people… Read more »

  • Candyman! Candyman! Candyman!

    As I sat down to write this blog, I wondered if I should be writing about the upcoming presidential elections or about Halloween. Although Mitt Romney is certainly as frightening as any character from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, I was able to come up with an angle that will allow me to write about… Read more »

  • God works in mysterious ways

    Recently, after leaving a bathhouse in San Francisco through the rear door, my mind somehow wandered to the existence of Sodom and Gomorrah. Well, first it wandered to a hot dog stand, and then back to Sodom and Gomorrah. While a handful of rogue scholars believe these two cities existed somewhere in the state of… Read more »

  • Bureaucracy

    Bureaucrat  bu•reau•crat / noun: a person who runs a company and steadfastly adheres to the rules and regulations without question or deviation. ———- A few weeks ago there was a fire in Detroit. No, there were no NBA playoffs going on. It was a good old fashioned, real-life fire. The fire department and paramedics showed… Read more »

  • Crystal Clear

    I recently watched Star Trek IV, the one with the whales, and was snickering when Scotty built a whale tank out of transparent aluminum. It was stronger than steel, completely sheer, and had to hold a ton of material, much like a Victoria’s Secret push-up bra. But it’s just Science Fiction right? Nope. It’s available… Read more »

  • Sick Day

    So you woke up sick today. No, the real kind of sick. Not the I just came home from a rave with blurred vision, profuse sweating, sore butt, and a dollar bill pinned to my collar. No. I’m talking about a legitimate cold or a genuine case of the flu. It’s 4 AM, and work… Read more »