My New Children’s Book

I met with my editor on Friday, and these were the take-a-way notes for my newest children’s book: The words “lube” and “chipmunk” should not appear in the same sentence, let alone as the opening line from Chapter 1. The local spelling bee you described in Chapter 2 should not end with Charlie Sheen bludgeoning… Read more »

Who was D.B. Cooper?

One afternoon, a day before Thanksgiving in 1971, a guy calling himself Dan Cooper (the media mistakenly called him D.B. Cooper) boarded Northwest Airlines flight #305 in Portland bound for Seattle. He was wearing a dark suit and a black tie and was described as a business-executive type. While in the air, he opened his… Read more »

On The Origin of Species

As my book is nearly complete, I decided to share some of my favorite reading material with you, my blog readers. Today I have a short excerpt from On The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. I’m hoping after you read a few pages, you too might decide to read the entire book for yourself…. Read more »

  • Original Movie Dialog

    Writing dialog is an art. The spoken word you hear on the big screen is the result of several read-throughs and multiple rewrites -the final product is flawless. So let’s take a peek behind the finished product and see your favorite lines before they’ve been cleaned up, improved or cut altogether….   “Well Igor, I… Read more »

  • Infocom

    Infocom was a software company that produced interactive fiction from 1979 to 1989. The games were so well-written and conceived, that even today, they are still widely played and collected. Thanks to a loyal fan base, these decades-old games are playable on all modern computers, as well as iPhones and iPads. Interactive fiction or text… Read more »

  • Judgment Day Is Upon Me

    Well, it’s just about time for me to send out query letters for my new book. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the painful methodology for selling a book, let me compare it to having your wisdom teeth pulled without anesthetic, while simultaneously having your lower extremities consumed by flesh-eating bacteria. It’s like… Read more »

  • From China With Love

    Last month the longest high-speed train in the world began operation. Traveling at 180 mph, the current 1400 mile route will now take 8 hours rather than 20. * Do you know where it’s located? It’s in China. China’s economy runs on the rail, and the government there does everything it can to constantly improve… Read more »

  • Steampunk Keyboard

    Steampunk is an alternate reality where the Victorian era has continued to flourish. In the same way electricity shaped the modern world, steampunk imagines the world based on steam power. Steampunk culture includes futuristic innovations as people of the Victorian era might have envisioned them, or modern technology reimagined and recreated for the Victorian age…. Read more »

  • Marshmallow gun 2

    Wow. I write a little blurb about building a marshmallow gun and I end up with more email than any blog post before it. Most of the emails came from kids that wanted to know more about building the gun, but I also received four emails from fathers who wanted to build them with/for their… Read more »

  • Drill Me!

    If you didn’t catch your local news last week, you probably missed out on the best story of 2012 – a male dentist was allowed to fire his female assistant because he was afraid he might one day have an affair with her. Yeah. You read that right. The Iowa State Supreme Court upheld a… Read more »

  • My Journal – 12/21/12

    As the world is ending today, I decided to post my final blog. Click on the journal pages below:                            

  • Marshmallow gun 1

    This  week, I spent the majority of my time working on the final rewrite for my book. During my writing breaks, I decided to try my hand at building a marshmallow gun – I figured I could whip something together in a few days. A marshmallow gun is basically a gun built from PVC pipe… Read more »

  • The End Is Near

    No, I’m not talking about the Zombie Apocalypse or the Mayan end of days (December 21); I’m talking about my first book. I spent the entire week working on the final revision, and probably have a month or so to go. It’s actually shaping up to be pretty good. Once I complete this final revision,… Read more »