My New Children’s Book

I met with my editor on Friday, and these were the take-a-way notes for my newest children’s book: The words “lube” and “chipmunk” should not appear in the same sentence, let alone as the opening line from Chapter 1. The local spelling bee you described in Chapter 2 should not end with Charlie Sheen bludgeoning… Read more »

Who was D.B. Cooper?

One afternoon, a day before Thanksgiving in 1971, a guy calling himself Dan Cooper (the media mistakenly called him D.B. Cooper) boarded Northwest Airlines flight #305 in Portland bound for Seattle. He was wearing a dark suit and a black tie and was described as a business-executive type. While in the air, he opened his… Read more »

On The Origin of Species

As my book is nearly complete, I decided to share some of my favorite reading material with you, my blog readers. Today I have a short excerpt from On The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. I’m hoping after you read a few pages, you too might decide to read the entire book for yourself…. Read more »

  • Religious News #1

    Since we have so many heartwarming religious stories in the news each week, I have decided to grab a few, summarize them, and post them here for everyone to enjoy. From the United Arab Emirates – a man has chopped off his wife’s fingers because she decided to go to school and get an education…. Read more »

  • The Chocolate Factory V2

    Earlier this week I watched an interview with Gene Wilder. While he talked about many of my favorite movies such as Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, and Silverstreak, he also went off on Tim Burton’s remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have to agree. The original was much better. But that got me thinking…. Read more »

  • Way to go, Texas

    Well, more good news from Texas. Yes, the state that has given us Vanilla Ice, Dealey Plaza, Astroturf, and George W. Bush is once again in the news. And this time, it’s measles. It seems the Kenneth Copeland Ministries has a megachurch on their campus called the Eagle Mountain International Church (which is just a… Read more »

  • On my hard drive

    Hey everyone (yes, both of you), I am working on a writing project that needs to be completed this weekend, so my time is a bit limited today. So, I decided to give you a look behind the curtain – to let you see where all the magic happens. Below is a screenshot of my… Read more »

  • Psychic or Psycho?

    I remember watching James Randi when he was a guest star on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Randi was/is famous for exposing fakers and phonies in many different lines of work. On this particular show, Randi went after a televangelist named Peter Popoff who claimed he could read the minds of his followers. Randi… Read more »

  • Sales Meetings

    I have been in hundreds of sales meetings, in industries running the gamut from law firms to organic farming, and yet the dance is always the same. There’s a formula for selling in the corporate world. If you deviate from that formula, you’re going to fail. It’s all complete bullshit, but as a salesperson, if… Read more »

  • First Star Trek, Now Star Wars?

    I’m still not sure if JJ Abrams should be directing the new Star Wars movies. Sure he’s amazingly talented, and he’s created some of my favorite TV shows like Lost and Fringe, but giving him carte blanche for Star Wars? I’m not so sure. He certainly didn’t learn anything from the original Star Trek movies…. Read more »

  • Wrong Again, Florida

    I am actually hard at work this weekend finishing a book revision and an article rewrite, but I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and make a quick comment about the Trayvon Martin case: Yes, the Trayvon Martin verdict was completely wrong. But I’m still not sure how the “Stand Your Ground Law” challenge turned… Read more »

  • A Chance Encounter

    I decided to try writing a story, any story, in 15 minutes, with no corrections or revisions. Here it is: I’m at Home Depot on Saturday and I’m standing in the electrical aisle and who should come walking down the aisle but the Almighty himself – God. Yep, it seems the King of Everything was… Read more »

  • Brokeback Muppet

    The upcoming issue of The New Yorker has everyone up in arms. The cover shows Ernie and Bert snuggled up on a couch watching as the Supreme Court renders its decision concerning DOMA. It’s one of those covers that no one is happy with. People against gay marriage are complaining that we spend way too… Read more »