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The Afterlife

The other day I was asked for my opinion on “existence”. Yeah. I couldn’t believe it either. My idea of deep thinking is deciding what flavor ice cream I should buy before sitting down in front of the TV and smoking a bowl. Ok. I’m exaggerating. I have been trying to curb the smoking as… Read more »

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Mike Brady – Architect

It’s probably 40 years too late, but I would like to take a minute to honor the greatest architect of the 20th century – Mike Brady. No comprehensive list of modern and influential architects could ever be fully complete without extolling the amazing gifts and talents of Mike Brady. The astounding feat that Mike was… Read more »

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The Bermuda Triangle

I’ve always been a believer in the Bermuda Triangle. No, I don’t believe it’s a base for space aliens or the last resting place of Atlantis, but I believe it’s one of the strange places on earth- like Teotihuacan, the Nazca Lines, or the Neverland Ranch. For hundreds of years, the area known as the… Read more »

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Psychic or Psycho?

I remember watching James Randi when he was a guest star on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Randi was/is famous for exposing fakers and phonies in many different lines of work. On this particular show, Randi went after a televangelist named Peter Popoff who claimed he could read the minds of his followers. Randi… Read more »

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My Journal – 12/21/12

As the world is ending today, I decided to post my final blog. Click on the journal pages below:                            

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Candyman! Candyman! Candyman!

As I sat down to write this blog, I wondered if I should be writing about the upcoming presidential elections or about Halloween. Although Mitt Romney is certainly as frightening as any character from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, I was able to come up with an angle that will allow me to write about… Read more »

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Bill of Frights

I was watching one of the new ghost hunter shows on cable and was shocked to hear one of the self proclaimed parapsychologists refer to ghosts as “the energy left over once we’re dead”. I’m sorry, the energy left over? Einstein (Albert, not Sid) proclaimed that E=mc2.  I know from watching Sesame Street that matter… Read more »