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The Circus Tent Of Writing

  Today I finished the first edit of book number two, Future Fortune. I have all sorts of “number two” jokes running through my head, but I’m going to save us both the embarrassment. Today I worked on the circus tent. Circus tent is an analogy for the structure of a screenplay or novel. It… Read more »

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Gilligan’s Island Radio

I love recreating props from movies and TV shows as you can see here. My newest project should be quick and easy. I came across a Packard Bell AR-851 radio from the 1960’s, and while you may not recognize the model number, I’m sure you would recognize the radio itself. It’s the one from Gilligan’s… Read more »

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The Muppets

I watched The Muppets the other night and thought it was pretty funny. It reminded me of 30 Rock– a behind-the-scenes look at a hit TV show where you get to see the relationships and the drama that plays out behind the curtain. It was kind of raunchy, but still funny. I already knew what… Read more »

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The California DMV

While researching information for a DMV project I was working on, I came an interesting fact about the California DMV. If you don’t speak English and live in California (Austrian former governors are exempt), you can still take the written driver license exam. It’s available in other languages: Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Cambodian, Chinese, Croatian, French,… Read more »

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Book Research

For the past four weeks (that’s a month to my numerically-challenged readers), I have been working on my second book. This time around it’s a novel, and it’s been a blast to write so far. It’s much easier to write than a memoir because I can make shit up when I write myself into a… Read more »

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More Accolades For My Website

   Wow. It’s been a heck of a weekend so far. I got lots of email and lots of new comments. And just look at these celebrity accolades: **of course they’re not real!   “Is this website created in Mexico? Is it here legally? I think it’s responsible for a lot of crime.” – Donald… Read more »

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Bewitched Television Show Script

Below is a scene from an unproduced Bewitched episode. Enjoy.    EXT-STEPHEN’S HOUSE-DAY A car pulls up in front of the Stephen’s home. LARRY TATE, Darren’s boss, is driving. Darren hops out of the passenger side with his briefcase. He leans back in through the passenger window and kisses Larry passionately. DARREN See you tomorrow,… Read more »

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The Sony Hack

I’m not going to talk about the computer side of the Sony situation at all. Instead, I’m going to talk about the decision to make the movie in the first place. How in the world did a movie about assassinating the real leader, of a real country, in the present time, actually get a green… Read more »

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Notes From Network Executives

I’m a big fan of pulling back the curtain. I like to see what goes on behind the scenes; what makes something successful. One of my favorite Twitter feeds is @TVNetworkNotes where they post actual comments from network executives. After reading the comments below, I think I should have left the curtain alone! Take a… Read more »