Today I started writing my second novel, Forgotten Fortune (book two of my Timelink trilogy).

I spent about two months doing the online research required, and I did it from a specific browser- one used only for book research.

I did this because when I’m done, I can look back at all the keywords I searched for during my research.

Here’s what I searched for the past three months:

San Francisco’s Chinatown, Leg warmers, Taco Bell, Manatee life span, Machine guns, Rescue dogs, Syphilis, Antimatter, Ferrari, Clown porn, CIA missions, Tom Slick and Gertie Growler, Grilled cheese sandwich, Nuclear meltdowns, 1920’s Chicago, Antigravity, Packard Motor Car company, Helicopters, D-cups, Black Sox scandal, Judy Garland, Mad Men, and Sean Spicer.

Should make for a stimulating book!

And on a side note, I hope the above list of research topics puts to bed that stupid theory that long-term pot smoking affects your brain.

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Congratulations. I am no longer the weird and awkward one of the group.


You know I’m all about time travel, but I am interested to see how you blend syphilis and Sean Spicer. Perhaps that tramp Gertie Growler gave it to him? Anyhoo, good luck with the book Fat Man.


Actually, I am not surprised by any of this. I am a little worried though about Sean Spicer and anti-gravity.


Just returned from a week-long Freedom Ride with students………….middle school through high school, so I just saw your new post. Of course, cuz of mine, I love it!! Hey, how come you ONLY researched such a few items?! I hope you know I’m kidding. You never cease to amaze me.


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