This weekend, my new book, Future Fortune, is free to download for the Kindle. You can go to Amazon now and download it at no charge. It’s a lot cheaper than Ambien.

So why make it free?

Well, when you’re a nobody author, you need to garner as many reviews as quickly as possible when the book is first released.

More reviews (if they’re good) mean more sales.

Also, when a reader chooses to download your free book, he or she also sees your other books which aren’t currently free, and sometimes will buy those.

I’ve had quite a few sales for The Toaster Oven Mocks Me even though it’s not on sale.

For example, if you look at Future Fortune, you can scroll down to the Product Details and view the current rankings for FREE books.

As of this writing, Future Fortune is sitting somewhere around #1 for time travel books, and #3 in the science fiction genre.

It currently resides at #300 out of all the free Kindle books available. Considering it ranked at #93,312 when it started, that’s a pretty good move up the charts (click on image below).

So, at the end of the weekend I’ll see how well the book performed and hopefully the reviews will roll in.

I’m curious to see what people think.

I’m assuming the last two bricks through my window were readers who were not fans.

Written by stevemargolis



Bazinga! I can’t wait to read this, although I would have gladly paid full price.


Just downloaded a copy. Looking forward to reading this at the beach tomorrow.

9th Element

Just downloaded your book. I can’t wait to dig in. If it’s funny like the last one, it will be great.


I started it and I love it so far. I’m in love with Samantha. Please tell me you based her on a real person.


Well Fat Man, I finished your book this morning and I really liked it. The bank scenes made me laugh. Rupert said there were some slow parts, but overall he liked it and is recommending it to his friends. Brain is very jealous.


I just downloaded it and will start reading it tomorrow. The back cover cracked me up so I went for it. It better be worth my time Margolis!


I read the Toaster Oven Mocks me and loved it. I am looking forward to this book now. Now I just need some free time.


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