Every ten years in California, two things inevitably happen.

One, after we’ve suffered through 7-9 years of drought, enough to turn our lawns brown and require state-wide water rationing, El Nino (a recurring climatic phenomenon) comes back with a vengeance and floods the entire state for months.

We’re now one month into 2017, and the drought is going away. So that’s good news. Hopefully we’re storing it away for a rainy day (See what I did there? Am I the brilliant wordsmith, or what?).

The second thing that seems to happen is California decides to secede from the Union (This time it’s called Calexit).


And even though there’s a maniac in the White House who would probably be okay with it, it’ll never happen. For one thing, we never seem to get enough signatures to get the initiative on the ballot.  And even if we did, there’s no way in hell the Federal government would ever agree to it. It’s been tried before- California, Alaska, Texas- all failed.

The South tried to secede from the Union a few years back (When will they learn?), and oddly enough, no one tried to stop them. In fact, the other states offered to help them. When that idea fell through, I donated $100 to turn the South into an off-leash dog park, but that never happened either, so I’m out $100.

California has the 6th largest economy in the world. And even with a wannabe dictator running the country for the next four years, we’ll be fine. We’re big enough and strong enough to weather the new government. Plus, we’ve got a mayor in Los Angeles, a governor in Sacramento, and two female Senators with balls enough to stand up to our new comrade in the Oval Office.

Written by stevemargolis


Glass Half Full

Lol! Thanks for shedding light on California’s drought. We can’t go back to our wicked water wasting ways even though recent storms have provided a significant amount of relief. Regarding the South’s secession attempts “…other states offered to help them”. HA! That one got me. Oh, and so sorry about your $100.


OMFG. An off leash dog park. Fatman, you are on fire! And of course Rupert and I fully support your efforts.


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