I wanted to take a minute here and thank everyone who read or subscribed to my blog this year.  I really appreciate it and will do my best to bring you the same quality garbage in 2016.

My mini memoir is doing really well on Amazon, and I will publish my first novel around March. I am also being considered for the role of  James Bond if Daniel Craig retires.

So 2016 should be a great year.

In the meantime, here are my personal resolutions for 2016 (click to enlarge).

Have a very Happy New Year.


2016 resol








Written by stevemargolis



F**k affluenza mom and her brain dead son. They can read your blog from prison. Seacrest out.


I think wishing one good luck is a waste of time as good luck cannot be planned. Continue to write a great blog and make us laugh with your next book, and you will be rewarded. I may add your site to the ‘acceptable’ website list in the apartment. Penny was right about you. You are funny.

P.S. Penny.
P.S.S. Penny

Blue Bear

Copy that on the laxatives and sleeping pills! Looking forward to your upcoming book! 🙂


Well fat man, another year of your wretched depravity, bad jokes, and double entendre. More bizarre writing and rantings and even stranger theories.
I must say I am quite looking forward to it.


It is nice to read something funny each week instead of being inundated with unhappiness.


Me too. I’m tired of negative stories everywhere. It’s nice when I can laugh.


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