For the past four weeks (that’s a month to my numerically-challenged readers), I have been working on my second book. This time around it’s a novel, and it’s been a blast to write so far. It’s much easier to write than a memoir because I can make shit up when I write myself into a corner.

Actually, if I wrote myself into a corner, that would be bad- it would show a lack of planning. I created an outline that details where and when I want things to happen, so I know exactly how the characters are supposed to behave, although sometimes they say and do something contrary to what I was thinking. This is fairly typical when creating new characters.

Part of my book is set in the 1850s, so I need to make sure my character dialogue is authentic. I had to familiarize myself with the technology (or lack thereof) during that decade. So that was a lot of reading and surfing the Internet. But I’m enjoying it. And I did learn some new words like barking-irons (guns) and glimsticks (candlesticks).

I also started the cover design. I found an artist whom I really like and he’s been able to reproduce exactly what I was visualizing in my head. He just finished drawing the main characters, and will soon be creating the background.

For this book I may need both a front and back cover if I want to release it in paperback.

So no long post this week, but fear not – next week I’ll be back with the usual slew of garbage and gossip.

So I’m off now to sluice my gob. That means get something to drink. At least that’s what they told me at the bathhouse.

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Euni Rose

I love your process! Have fun with your 1850s characters. You’ve chosen a very interesting decade, Steve. Can’t wait to meet your characters!



As I have actually traveled back in time many times with Brian, please let me know if I can be of assistance, Fat Man


This reminds me of back to the future, but I know yours will be off in an entirely different direction and probably so weird Stephen King will read it.


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