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About a month ago, I put my first eBook on Amazon. Since this was my first book, I wanted to learn everything I could about the process so I’d be prepared for the second book, or as I like to call it, Crap, The Sequel.

Many of my friends and family (both of you) downloaded my book and gave me great feedback, but I still haven’t begun advertising or marketing the darn thing yet.

Sales-wise it’s doing ok. I think I’ve sold about 35 books so far (not counting giveaways) which just amazes me because I don’t know how people are finding the book since I’m not advertising it anywhere.

I am also astonished at the number of “borrows” I’m getting. My book is part of Kindle Unlimited which allows users to borrow the book, just like a library. Again, I don’t know how people are finding it, but I’m getting a lot of “borrows”. Friends and family have helped me out by talking about Toaster on Facebook and Twitter, but I am truly stunned by this level of activity.

In addition to no advertising, I have a disclaimer on my sales page telling people not to buy the book if they only have a black and white Kindle device. I do this because my book is meant to be viewed in color and loses all the impact if you view it in black and white. The disclaimer narrows my market significantly.

So again, I’m shocked.

Next month I will be launching some marketing and advertising, and I’ll be curious to see if my numbers increase any further. Could be my sales were just a fluke.

Now to the cards and letters….

One question I’m getting a lot is why I didn’t release a hard copy of the book?

Well, my book has a lot of color illustrations, and color is expensive to print; especially for a new writer who won’t sell a lot of books. Had I have produced a physical book, it would have cost about $14.99. No one is going to spend $14.99 on a book from a new author- especially for a book with a toaster oven on the cover.

However, fear not. The crap-fest will continue. My first “real” book will soon be available for purchase. It’s a novel, and I’m currently working on it. I expect to have it ready by Halloween, which is a lot less time than my first book took to write.

The new book is about time-travel. It began as a time-travel adventure, but believe it or not, it’s starting to look more like a romantic-adventure.

I’m not sure when this happened but I’m letting my characters run wild. I have no clue where they’ll end up. The book is kind of a mash up between Back To The Future and the TV show Castle. Believe me, no one is more surprised at this turn of events than me.

It’s called As Time Goes By, and it will be a full length novel because if I’m going to bomb, I might as well bomb at 300 pages.

The only thing I haven’t decided on is character names. But luckily I can use generic names for now, and then do a Search and Replace down the road. Right now my main characters are named Bill and Hillary. The bad guy’s name is Cheney.

My third book will be a kid’s detective story and is probably better suited for my mentality and abilities.


  1. Atomic Samurai says:

    Looking forward to book number 2!!!

    1. MikeL says:

      How appropriate. Number 2. Ha!

  2. Redkitten says:

    A romantic adventure would be great. You would increase your female readership.

  3. Iceman68 says:

    Will doc brown make an appearance? i will definitely buy it when it is on sale.

  4. 9th Element says:

    I am looking forward to it also. Good luck.

  5. Time travel stories are difficult because there have been so many and all the good stories are played out. I hope this one is unique. But judging from your book and your blog, it should be original and funny.

  6. TheRealSheldonCooper says:

    I for one am looking forward to a time travel story no matter how it is written. And if you need any technical expertise, you know my number. It is 3.1415………………………Bazinga

  7. Zedex says:

    I’ll read it when it’s ready.

  8. Redrock83 says:

    Can you tell us anything about it yet?

    1. stevemargolis says:

      Not yet. It’s still kind of in pieces. Over the next month or so though, I will post some dialog, scenes, and character bios.

  9. Stewie11 says:

    I am looking forward to book number 2, fat man.

  10. Toomanydogs says:

    Just tell me when it is available, and I’ll buy it the same day!

  11. Laura says:

    I’m a subscriber to your newsletter so I will know when the next book is ready. Can’t wait!

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