So I watched the Republican debate, or as I called it, the Republican clown car convention. I watched all of the crazies come out and beg for the presidential nomination.

Let’s just say the candidates belong on the island of misfit toys.

Donald Trump.

He’s obviously the Captain of the clown car. He’s insane. I have never seen someone who’s so angry all the time. His face is twisted into a perpetual scowl. He has a great life and all the money in the world, and yet he hates everyone, and is not ashamed to show it.

Everything he said on the stage was somehow flip-flopped into an opportunity to brag about his business acumen. In fact, in one part of the debate, Chris Wallace gave Trump an additional 30 seconds to actually answer the question, which he didn’t.

Trump reminds me of a young Adolf Hitler on his rise to power. Hitler made these fiery speeches, blaming everyone in the government for society’s ills, calling people stupid, and blaming anything bad on the gypsies, the Jews, and just about anyone else who was wasn’t a blond-haired, blue-eyed remember of the master race.

Trump does the same thing- he blames Americas woes on the Democrats, Mexico, Canada, China, and Miss America. He was so nasty and unlikeable at the debate, I’m pretty sure he’s no longer a viable candidate. But I’m sure his popularity won’t suffer.

He’s kind of like the love child of Ross Perot and Joseph McCarthy.

I was also stunned by the closing question about God. Everyone on the stage said they knew all about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, yet no one seemed to remember the First Amendment. It says something about separation of church and state – and it was penned by Thomas Jefferson himself. But somehow, all the Republican candidates made sure to explain how God had spoken to them personally and explained how we should handle the country, which usually entailed building more weapons, and bombing more brown people.

And the topic of immigration came up for debate several times. The canned response seemed to be: build a wall and deport everyone here illegally – and if they come back, jail them. Jeb Bush was the only candidate who seemed to realize that the majority of illegal immigrants are not criminals, but people looking for a better life. And according to federal data, most illegals are from Central America, not Mexico.

It’s really hard for me to imagine that half the country would actually consider voting for these mush heads.

There are so many things that need to be fixed at home, and yet not one of the candidates suggested rebuilding our power grids, giving more money to schools, or getting our kids a better education. There was no mention of gun control or climate change. It was simply politics.

America is a lot like a 60-year old leading man. He’s had a great career, but the choice parts aren’t coming his way anymore. He’s getting slower and more bloated, and the other countries are referring to him as the “aging superpower”.

There’s younger, more hip countries waiting to take his place and he’ll need to decide if he’s going to go out with a whimper, or if he’s going to lose some weight, bang Sweden, and win himself an Oscar.

Written by stevemargolis


Atomic Samurai

Donald Trump is what’s wrong with America. He’s all about greed. He IS the Republican party.


Does the Donald actually think he can win when he treats minorities and women the way he does? Best word for Donald Trump. Creepy.


Typical Republican politician. There’s only so much pie to go around in this world, and if you want more pie, you need to take it from someone else. He has everything yet still would have no problem taking from someone else.


Agree. Republicans, no, rich people in general have some kind of entitlement issue. They think they can say and do whatever they want.


Republicans cheat the system. If they want to do something, they just buy a politician, and make it legal. Just like they bought the 2000 election. That was a wonderful move. Now George W Bush, formerly the most powerful man on the planet, is sitting in Texas painting watercolors of horses. Let me run for president with brian as my running mate. We will fix this country. Then we can marry Meg off to Trump.


It is the worst of the worst. They don’t have anyone better?
Where is Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Where is Kim Kardashian?
Where is Caitlyn Jenner?
Where’s Stewie11?


A Republican?
Do I seem odd? Do I seem sexually confused? Do I like military men? Can nobody understand me? Am I all about power?
Oh god.
I am a Republican!
Brian, help me!! I don’t know who I am anymore!


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