Wow. It’s been a heck of a weekend so far. I got lots of email and lots of new comments. And just look at these celebrity accolades:

**of course they’re not real!


  • “Is this website created in Mexico? Is it here legally? I think it’s responsible for a lot of crime.” – Donald Trump
  • “I typed BITCH into Google and ended up at your site. This webpage makes Brian’s writing look like friggin’ Shakespeare!” – Stewie Griffin
  • “I invented Windows so you could write this crap?” – Bill Gates
  • “I like this website a lot. I can help your career. Can we meet for drinks?”- Bill Cosby
  • “Hack your site? Why bother?” – Anonymous
  • “S’up.”– Justin Bieber
  • “Justin Bieber? Never heard of her.” – Charles Manson
  • “As an astrophysicist, I believe this website belongs in or around Uranus.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Written by stevemargolis



“I typed BITCH into Google and ended up at your site”…………rotflmfao

Mr. Happy

Donald Trump. The Republican party has like 50 candidates for prez right now but together they only have an IQ of about 20. And that is still better than “W”.

Blue Bear

Perfect quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson – hilarious! Love NdT on StarTalk!!


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