A Madison, Alabama police officer has been charged with the third-degree assault of Sureshbhai Patel, a 57-year-old Indian man who remains partially paralyzed after police slammed him to the ground last week, even though no crime had been committed at the time.

Of course it’s Alabama. My first two guesses would have been Florida and Georgia. If there had been livestock involved, I would have guessed Kentucky.

So if you haven’t been following this story, a caller phoned 911 and reported a “skinny black guy” walking down the street and looking into garages. Police responded and found an elderly Indian man quietly walking down the street.

They confronted him, and when he didn’t respond properly, one of the officers slammed him face down into the ground. When you watch the video, the poor guy looks like someone’s grandfather, which as it turns out, he is.

He had arrived recently from India to help out his son who lives in the neighborhood. He was there to take care of his grandson. Unfortunately, he didn’t speak English, which violates all the laws of state and god if you live in Alabama.

So why then did the officer slam the man to the ground with such violence? There was absolutely no need for it. This was not a dangerous man- he looks like he weighs all of 100 pounds. And there’s two big cops there with him.

Obviously, this particular officer has a screw loose.

His superiors acted swiftly by firing him, and then a few days later arresting him for assault. The fact that they fired him so quickly, which is difficult when someone belongs to a union, makes me think he had been written up, warned, or already on some type of double-secret probation, because normally you can’t fire someone that fast. The FBI is also looking into the incident.

The old man has recovered slightly, but is still partially paralyzed. His family is suing the police department and the state of Alabama.

So what about the coward that made the 911 call? Personally, I think this person should be tossed in jail for being an asshole.

The police should go to his house, open his security gate, get past his dogs, enter through the front door with the 10 bolts on it, and proceed into the locked bedroom where this idiot is probably cowering under the sheets still terrified by Kanye West’s most recent television appearance. They should drag him kicking and screaming down to the hospital to see firsthand what he caused.

This “concerned citizen” called 911 and reported a suspicious black man walking up and down the street. He told 911 operators that he was on his way to work, and was afraid to leave his wife alone with this man walking around outside. He couldn’t stay home for a few minutes longer? I think his boss would have understood the situation. I guess he had his priorities.

Did he overreact? I mean, I can understand a suspicious van parked on the street, or several men walking up and down the street peering into windows, but an old man hobbling down the street? This guy was so frail a stiff wind could have knocked him down.

Ironically, after the old man was slammed to the ground, one of the officers remarks, “He don’t speak a lick of English.”, which kind of says it all for me.

I’m sure the Madison papers will soon a run a headline that reads: Brave Homeowner Saves Wife; Repels Indian Invasion.

Written by stevemargolis



If people are this damn afraid of a man of different color in their neighborhood then it time to pack it in. I am afraid to leave for work there is a suspicious man walking on the side walk. Seriously. Not everyone is a terrorist and a bad person. The police acted like somehow this old man was a huge threat because he did not speak English. Now your tax dollars are paying for the mans injuries.


The racist moron who called the police in the first place is very much at fault, describing the man as black and wearing a toboggan. I hope this person is proud of himself. He needs to apologize to the Indian man, his family, and the entire Hindi community. That being said, I commend the Madison City Police Chief for doing the right thing and not only firing but also arresting the bully who put the man in the hospital. However, the Chief needs to take a long, hard look at how he recruits and trains his officers. There are too many bullies, racists, predators, and misogynists in every police station in this country, and they need to be winnowed out immediately.


The police realize the man cant speak “a lick of English” yet when he doesn’t respond to them they just keep speaking/yelling louder and louder as if the volume will somehow substitute for the language barrier.
In other words the Police Dept apparently hires utter morons for its force. Given this the incident should be no surprise. I say: Fire the Police Chief.


Like Zimmermann, the cops should have never gotten out of the car. If they just parked and watched he would have walked home. Big whoop. 👿


What is the IQ cutoff for Madison cops? How smart do you have to be to figure out that the Indian man doesn’t understand a word that you are saying?


The police had no just cause to search the man or detain him, or require him to show ID, because no crime was reported, and the police did not witness a crime or suspect the victim of committing a crime. The phone call gave them sufficient cause to engage the victim in a conversation (if he agreed to talk to them), and that is all.


They had no right to detain him. There were no complaints and no just cause. I hope the cop spends the rest of his life in jail.


A badge doesn’t give you the right to do anything you want–except in the south. We should never had had a civil war. We should have just let the south go. No war. No Rick Perry.


Nice to see that “walking while ‘black'” is still a valid reason to have your head slammed into the ground by an incompetent, overcompensating waste of semen. Tell me how we’re living in a post-racial America, again?


Next time the 911 caller goes out to get the paper in his jammies or bathrobe neighbors should report him as a suspected perv / flasher walking the ‘hood.


The only thing that disappoints me is there’s no video of the cop getting arrested. A video of a cop getting handcuffed would send an excellent message.


Alabama Bubbas. Second-to-last bastion of the Confederacy. I can just hear it now: “Oh my lord Jesus, Bubba, there’s a darkie walking our streets. Call the police!”

Here’s some knowledge for you for the next time, Bubba. People from India like to go for walks, especially after meals. Maybe you’re not used to that, Bubba, since you look like you weigh about 350 lbs. Try it sometime. You never know who’ll you meet, and get to know better. It’s called being a human being.


I think we should just cut the US in half. Just below Kansas. We can have the North US and the South US. 😆


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