Bewitched Television Show Script

Below is a scene from an unproduced Bewitched episode. Enjoy.


A car pulls up in front of the Stephen’s home. LARRY TATE, Darren’s boss, is driving. Darren hops out of the passenger side with his briefcase. He leans back in through the passenger window and kisses Larry passionately.


See you tomorrow, Larry.


Remember Darren, we have a foursome tomorrow

with the client. We might even have time

to play some golf later in the afternoon.



You go, girl!

Larry drives off. Darren walks into his house.


As he walks through the door, Samantha is rolling around on the floor naked with a creature who looks a lot like the Pillsbury Doughboy.


What the hell Sam? I thought we talked about this?

He puts down his briefcase.

DARREN (con’t)

Or have you forgotten the yeast infection he gave

you last time?

Samantha and the Doughboy stand up. Samantha kisses him goodbye, and TWITCHES him away. She walks over to Darren and gropes and kisses him.


I just can’t help it Darren. He smells like home-made biscuits.



Yeah, he does, doesn’t he?


But Sam, we talked about this. What if the neighbors

had seen you?


Mrs. Kravitz? Oh please. Banging the Pillsbury Doughboy

is peanuts next to what that woman is into.


Ewww. I don’t think I want to know. Is dinner ready yet?


I’m just about ready to serve it. Make yourself a drink

and I’ll call you when it’s ready.


Thanks Honey.

He kisses Samantha for a really long time.

DARREN (con’t)

You taste like you swallowed a stick of butter.


Well…something like that.

Samantha disappears into the kitchen while Darren makes a drink at the bar. The DOORBELL rings. Darren answers it.


Oh hi, Mrs. Kravitz. What can I do for you?

Mrs. Kravitz steps into the hallway. She is squirming uncomfortably. There is a loud VIBRATING sound coming from beneath her dress.


Hi Mr. Stephens. I was wondering if I could borrow your

plumbing snake?


Oh sure Mrs. Kravitz. You have a clogged sink?


Sure. Why not?

Mrs. Kravitz begins to follow Darren into the house but stops short as we realize a large extension cord running up under her dress has pulled taut.

Darren looks at her and the cord.

MRS. KRAVITZ (con’t)

Doctor’s orders.

Darren rolls his eyes.


Sure. Why not?


Let me get you the snake. Be right back.

Darren heads out to the garage. We hear an exceptionally LOUD VIBRATION from under Mrs. Kravitz’s dress.


Mrs. Kravitz walks onto the front porch. She yells toward her house.


Abner, bring the car battery upstairs.

And don’t forget the jumper cables.

She walks back inside.


Darren returns and hands the snake to Mrs. Kravitz.


Here you are Mrs. Kravitz.


Thank you Mr. Stephens. I’ll wash it before I

bring it back.


Thank you Mrs. Kravitz. That would be nice for

a change. The Health Department quarantined us

for a month after you returned our croquet set.

Mrs. Kravitz picks up the extension cord slack and EXITS. Darren closes the door and heads to the kitchen.


(to Samantha O.S.)

So Sam, how DID you end up with a

mouth full of butter?


  1. Redkitten says:

    OMG! What did you do to my favorite show? You have tarnished Samantha and Darrin forever for me

    1. Now every time I watch this show I will think of Samantha rolling around on the floor with the Pillsbury Dough boy. Thanks. Thanks a lot. 🙄

  2. Blue Bear says:

    I think this situation requires professional help…calling Dr. Bombay!

  3. Jason79 says:

    I always suspected there was more than meets the eye at McMahan and Tate.

    1. Mr. Happy says:

      They only wish Don Draper worked at their firm. 😀

      1. Lindsay says:

        I think Roger Sterling in Mad Men was based on Larry Tate. They were both even grey haired. I smell a lawsuit. :mrgreen:

      2. McMahan, Tate & Draper. Endora could have been the early version of Joan from Mad Men.

      3. TheRealSheldonCooper says:

        Very funny; To the point that you are beginning to frighten me more than Howard. 😛

  4. Nimbus says:

    Ok. So Samantha bangs the Pillsbury Doughboy and ends up with a mouth full of butter? That is wrong on soooooooooooo many levels. 😯 Please post more!

    1. Aniket says:

      Surely Uncle Arthur played some part in the foursome? 😆

  5. Euni Rose says:

    Okay, I just picked myself up off the floor ’cause I collapsed in hysterics!! I am so proud of my loony cousin!!!!!

  6. Brit93 says:

    The Doughboy sounds like quite the player AND he doesn’t’ go in for safe sex. Samantha is such a slut.

  7. Pitypang09 says:

    OMG! TV Land is crying over this!

  8. Stewie11 says:

    Well Fatman this is pretty funny. I think you should have your own nostalgia segment on SNL where you lampoon beloved TV shows. The only thing missing from the above script is some hot witch on witch action. 😯

    1. Toomanydogs says:

      That would be funny. First Bewitched and Gilligan’s Island, then the Cosby Show.

    2. GaryT84 says:

      Witch on witch. ROTFLMAO!

  9. Lisa says:

    OMG. This is hysterical. This is SNL quality stuff, Nice job.

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