I’m not going to talk about the computer side of the Sony situation at all. Instead, I’m going to talk about the decision to make the movie in the first place.

How in the world did a movie about assassinating the real leader, of a real country, in the present time, actually get a green light? What is wrong with the entertainment industry these days? Doesn’t anyone have a problem with this?

Just the other day, Mel Brooks said “At least I waited until Hitler was dead.”

And he’s exactly right. Could you imagine if a foreign country made a movie about assassinating President Barack Obama of the United States of America? We would have been up in arms. Literally. So why in the world did we do it to another country?

Isn’t America supposed to be the leader of the free and civilized world? Aren’t we supposed to have morals? It shows a lot of arrogance to make a movie like this and then to actually get mad when North Korea responds unkindly.

This movie could have been made just as easily using the fictional country of West Korea and it’s fictional leader Billy-Bob Jong Kim. Everyone would have understood the parody and the reference. But they didn’t -bad decision.

Now the US is considering how to respond to North Korea since the FBI has linked them to the cyber attack at Sony.

It kind of makes you wonder if this whole movie fiasco was just a CIA plot to allow more sanctions on North Korea – kind of like the phony weapons of mass destruction story that led us to invade Iraq. Just sayin’.

I mean North Korea? Cyber attack? Really?

So what should the US do? Well, if the whole point of the cyber attack was to keep the movie from being shown, I say put the movie up on Netflix and Amazon, and let people rent it or buy it at a reduced price. Instead of 20 million people seeing the movie, 100 million will see it instead.

Mission accomplished.

Written by stevemargolis



I feel badly for all the innocent employees at Sony who got their information posted on the Internet. I think Sony needs to do something about it.


Yep. The management is stupid so the employees suffer. That Amy CEO needs to resign. She is a disgrace.


The woman who is the CEO, how does she get away with racist comments and foul language in emails? She is a CEO!!!! Sony should fire her immediately. But I guess money is the main consideration.


North Korea didn’t do this. What kind of nation hacks another country and then uses a picture of a skeleton? That’s what kids do, not cyber experts. They also think the virus came from a “time bomb”, which is way less sophisticated than something an elite government hacker would use. It very well could be just another excuse to attack North Korea.

It could also have been Will Wheaton. 😀

Euni Rose

Steve, you continue to amaze me. I think this is the best piece I’ve seen yet. Congratulations.

your cuz


I just read that North Korea has been unable to use their internet for the past 24 hours. It suddenly stopped working. I wonder if this was the “response” that president Obama was talking about. I hope so. How cool would that be. take that, Un!


A downed internet is just a red herring. Meanwhile the US is probably crashing or infecting all the NK military computers and nuclear computers.


I keep reading headlines that North Korea has no internet access at all!! The entire country is shut down. That means three less AOL users online. 😀


Anonymous is saying that the hack was not done by North Korea. They want the US government and Sony to tell the truth. There might be some truth to your theory after all.


I rented the Interview yesterday and watch it. It was funny in some parts but over all it was really bad. I am starting to think this was all just a great marketing campaign for a really bad movie 🙄


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