Notes From Network Executives

I’m a big fan of pulling back the curtain. I like to see what goes on behind the scenes; what makes something successful.

One of my favorite Twitter feeds is @TVNetworkNotes where they post actual comments from network executives.

After reading the comments below, I think I should have left the curtain alone! Take a look:


(In a cold war flashback) “Really like the story, but what is East Germany?” – CBS

“I had trouble relating to the characters as they were all of above-average intelligence.” – BBC

“Are you sure Inglewood/Compton has a gang problem? I live in Brentwood and can’t see that LA still has a gang problem.” – ESPN

(After a girl goes through heavy chemo) “Is there a way to make this scene a little sexier?” – ABC Family

“Prince is too old. How about Madonna instead?” – NBC

“Can you make it look more like a legitimate time machine?” – Disney

“Can we swap out the joke making fun of Kim Kardashian for someone else? Our audience likes her. The Jon Gosselin joke is great!” – MTV

“‘Taxi’ (the show) never worked because it was about a bunch of losers.” – NBC

“Good rough cut, but I really don’t like those green backgrounds. Is there some way to fix that later?” – Fuse

“Can we speed up the escalator to show a little more urgency?” – CW

“I have no problem with the idea – it just makes me uncomfortable and I don’t think we should do it.” – TruTV


  1. Euni Rose says:

    As someone once said on a post about really stupid folks, “they walk among us and they VOTE!”


  2. Erica says:

    These are great. The great American Wasteland!

  3. Frootloops says:

    The escalator one is funny!

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