Warner Brothers Tour

This weekend I didn’t have time to write my standard, ever so sophisticated, blog entry for the week.

Yeah. I figured instead of spending the weekend reading up on stem cell transplant procedures, or working on my cure for cancer, I would instead take a much needed break by zipping down to Burbank and experiencing the Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour.

During the past 30 years, I have been on every studio lot in the LA area, with the exception of the Warner Brother’s lot in Burbank. I’m really not sure how that happened- I visited studio lots that don’t even exist anymore, yet somehow missed one of the largest studios in California. So this weekend, with my niece and nephew visiting, we took the tour. It’s much smaller and cozier that the Universal Studios Tour, but it was a lot of fun.

It was like 95 degrees when we got there, but it was the last tour of the day, so it cooled down quite a bit in the first 30 minutes. Hot weather and movie studios are an open invitation for all the women on the tour to wear as little as possible – not that I noticed.

It was difficult to explain to my wife however, why all the pictures I took somehow managed to catch a girl with either short shorts, a halter top, or a tube top somewhere in the shot.

While my nephew was busy getting phone numbers, I was getting groped by an old woman with a cane who smelled a lot like cat food. But I digress.

One of the funniest moments on the tour came when we approached the town square. Our tour guide asked us if we watched Pretty Little Liars, to which my niece’s eyes popped open and she nodded yes, along with quite a few other girls on the tour cart with us.

“Then I’ve got a bit of a spoiler for you around this next corner. Do you want to see it? If not, we can bypass it” the tour guide announced.

The girls said they wanted to see it, so as we crept around the corner and the town square appeared, we all saw it at once –a huge funeral procession parked in front of the church.

I could hear the groans and the gasps coming from the fans in our cart. As we got out and explored the “live set” of the church, there was coffin set up there, as well as flowers and a memorial for….well….one of the characters. It was pretty funny to see all the girls immediately start discussing the repercussions of this new found knowledge.

The thing I found the most interesting was one of the blank walls on the side of a building. The wall was painted to resemble a New York city street. It’s just a huge painting, but when you see if from a distance, it looks 3D and looks like a real street with real buildings.

They do this so that a blank wall never shows up while shooting in or around this part of the studio. It reminded me of the 3D chalk paintings that are real popular with sidewalk artists right now. Below is a picture of the wall. Everything except the theater marquee is painted…and FLAT!


I’m a fan of True Blood, so it was cool to see where they shoot the exterior shots for Merlotte’s Bar and Grill (below).


We also saw the soundstage for The Big Bang Theory, and my first thought was it’s very small and very cramped. I couldn’t imagine working on that set for 14 hours a day. Then I figured if I was making $250,000 an episode, I would find a way to deal with it. Plus they do have some very nice trailers to hang out in during the slow times.

My regular train wreck of a blog will return next week.

No, that’s not a threat. It’s a fact.

I can’t disappoint my three readers; especially since two of them are getting paroled next month.


  1. Linda Weiss says:

    Loved this Steve. Guess I’ll have to go too. A.L.

  2. Keri says:

    Who dies on Pretty Little Liars? I need to know now!!! 😀

    1. TooManyDogs says:

      OMG!!!!! Who died??? 😯

    2. Stewie11 says:

      I am sad to admit this, but I will admit it publicly: I Stewie11 am a Pretty Little Liars addict. Pray for me. I am just happy the girls don’t look like Meg.

  3. Jason79 says:

    We did the tour last year. It was great. Saw lots of celebrities. Our cart did get a flat though, so they let us in to watch 2 1/2 men while they got a new cart for us. 😕

  4. Zedex says:

    While you were visiting did you try our for Sheldon’s long lost brother? :mrgreen:

  5. TheRealSheldonCooper says:

    If you were near my apartment this weekend, why didn’t you stop by for a hot beverage? I’m on the 4th floor. Or as I am sure you noticed, more like the first floor with a phony elevator. Bazinga!

    1. 9th Element says:

      I know right? Why not build 4 sets for each floor of the elevator, or a really tall set with a robotic crane camera. Instead they spend hours filming the gang walking up 4 flights of stairs. No wonder it takes so long to film an episode.


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