As today is Father’s Day, I didn’t have time to complete the usual rubbish that has become synonymous with my blog.

“But I promise, next week it will be much longer, and you will SO enjoy it!”

(Which oddly enough was a lie I used in college.)

In the meantime, think about this little tidbit…

With Eric Cantor no longer serving as the House Majority Leader, every single Republican in the House is a Christian.

Every single one.

In a land where the House is supposed to be diverse enough to accurately represent the citizens of the United States, does that worry anyone ?

Written by stevemargolis


Euni Rose

It certainly does, Cousin! I don’t mind Christians, but I do mind right-wing Christians who are convinced that the rest of us must follow their doctrines. Diversity is strongly lacking in Congress. Somehow, our country has ignored the fact that Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and horror of horrors, atheists and agnostics populate the USA, and horror of horrors, they have much to contribute to the welfare of all citizens. We need a change, and we need it now.


I think he was the only Jew the Republicans had. Now it’s just rich, white Christians.


This is why the rest of the world thinks the US is conducting their own crusade against Islam.


Yes. Look at it from a middle east POV. It’s like we’re the evil empire. If it wasn’t for the oil, we wouldn’t even be there.

Mr Happy

Religion should be outlawed. Along with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.


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