Four Orthodox Jews go into a school for disabled children…

No, it’s not the beginning to what could be a very funny joke, it’s actually pretty sad.

It appears that four guys, one of them an Orthodox Rabbi, have been busy making New York state a much better place for young children – as long as your children aren’t developmentally handicapped.

If you are a disabled child, they kinda give it to you in the keyster, but in a much nicer way than say a Catholic Priest or a Hollywood talent agency.

It seems the Rabbi was the executive director for the Island Child Development Center (ICDC), and between him and his three buddies, they siphoned $12 million for their own use from this publically-funded school.

“The public funds provided to the ICDC were earmarked for special needs pre-schoolers with disabilities but instead were allegedly used by the defendants for their own purposes,” said Queens DA Richard A. Brown.

“These individuals allegedly stole millions of taxpayer dollars meant for special needs children in a brazen disregard for common decency and the law,” said state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

So what did they do with the money?

What was so important that they would risk being indicted for identity theft, falsifying business records, and operating a moped without a license?

Well, the Rabbi took $8 million from the disabled kids, and gave it to other Jewish schools which he deemed more important, including the school where he was the principal. He also spent $30,000 getting the plumbing fixed in his house. Apparently matzo is not good for copper pipes.

The second guy used a huge chunk of his money to pay for his daughter’s wedding and his son’s bar mitzvah, because nothing says “I love you, my children” like grand larceny.

The third guy spent $300,000 to remodel his house. He also gave his wife a gift of $15,000 and told her that the important thing was that “she live and be well”.

The fourth guy, an owner of a Kosher market, cashed numerous ICDC checks at various check cashing locations around his neighborhood. Luckily he was only able to cash $1 million worth, before the store owners caught on.

Wait until these idiots find out that prison food does not include brisket.

Wait until they meet their new cellmates.

There WILL be wailing, but not at a wall.

Written by stevemargolis



Whenever religion gets involved, things go awry. Somehow religious leaders think they are above everyone else. Really sad. 😡


No one religion has a monopoly on being stupid and greedy. They all do it.


See…’s not just the catholic church that’s messed up. Religion will end up killing us all in the long run.

9th Element

Wait. I’m confused. The Jewish guy gave AWAY 8 million dollars? That’s like a priest giving away his subscription to Cub Scout Weekly. 😯


OMG! Both wrong on so many counts. I agree. Religion is bad and preys on people who could really use their help. Bad Jesus!


$8 million dollars? Holy crap! I get nervous when I steal paperclips from the office.


I can’t think of anything lower than stealing money from kids. Especially disabled kids.


The guy who spent $300K fixing up the house where he and his wife live, and on top of that, he gives her an extra $15K. It sounds like a contractor scheme on the Sopranos! 🙄


I spoke with Wolowitz at great length regarding this article and he says the guys are schmucks. It’s like he has his own language. I assume that’s bad. there is a special place in hell for people like these 4 guys. Or so my Mother says.


John Lennon once wrote a song called “Imagine” where he pondered what the world would be like without religion. He understood.


You see. If they hadn’t of taken all that money from the disabled kids, “George W” might have been able to get the help he needed. 💡


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