Hi everyone,

With the Memorial Day holiday and the three projects I was working on this weekend, I didn’t get around to publishing a blog entry yesterday.


But for one brief moment in time, the Internet had one less crappy blog entry to search for.

I did manage to complete three new projects though, and I will be adding them to my PROJECTS page later this week.

The picture above is from one of the projects…it’s an IBM 5155, the first portable computer that IBM produced.

I’ve been restoring it for a few months, and this weekend, I added a hard drive to it (it originally came with a single floppy drive).

Next week, I’ll have a new blog, as well as some brand-new entries to my PROJECTS page, so stop by and take a look.

Make sure to drink plenty of fluids.

An air-sickness bag is highly recommended.

Written by stevemargolis


Euni Rose

I know you fixed your dad’s sick computer, but I did not know you are remaking a vintage IBM! Talent, talent, talent!


I’m looking forward to the pictures! I have a 5155 too, but I do not have an HD in it. I do have a color card in it for an external 5153 monitor though.


Where is my blog post Fat Man? This is unacceptable. Vengeance shall be mine!


Please post a shot of the guts. I have never seen the inside of one. I am curious.


You should take that thing to Starbucks and type your screenplay on it. 😛


Dude, it’s got a CRT screen in there, and it is solid steel. How much does that thing weigh? The Barista would be really pissed off if you broke one of their tables.


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