D.B. Cooper = Don Draper

dbddSo how will Mad Men end its seven year run?

There are hundreds of theories and ideas floating around the web right now, but the best one I’ve heard is that Don Draper is actually D.B. Cooper, the mysterious hijacker who, 45 years ago, jumped out of a Boeing 727 with $200,000 in cash, never to be seen again.

I took a JPG of both their images, equalized them, and put them together. You can see it above.

Ahhhh. This theory is looking good, isn’t it?

Let’s take a look at their similarities just for fun.

  • D.B. Cooper and Don Draper are roughly the same age.
  • The year that D.B. Cooper hijacked the 727 and escaped was 1971. This is very close to, or will be the exact year, that the Mad Men saga will end.
  • D.B. Cooper is a fictitious name. It may have been taken from a comic book series about a French Canadian pilot who jumped from planes. Don Draper is an assumed name, taken from his dead Korean War buddy.   Don’s given name was Dick Whitman.
  • And speaking of Korea, we know that Don Draper served in Korea. And according to FBI files, much of the evidence collected points to the fact that D.B. Cooper also served in Korea. The parachute that D.B. chose to jump with was used in Korea, and not one of the newer parachutes used in Vietnam.
  • The Mad Men season opener and even the advertising for this final season of Mad Men has centered around airports. There is even a shot of Don Draper standing at the top of an open airplane staircase, very similar to the staircase that D.B. Cooper stood on before making his late night jump. And don’t even get me started on Don’s animated free-fall at the beginning of each episode. It’s very suggestive of skydiving.
  • D.B. Cooper was wearing a skinny tie in 1971, even though it was out of style. Don Draper continues to wear narrow ties even though wide and loud ties are in style.
  • Both men appear to be loners (we know Don is for sure).

So this D.B. Cooper theory is actually pretty good -many of the pieces seem to fit together. But it’s probably not the way the show will wrap up.

I personally think that Don will retire to stately Wayne manor and begin fighting crime. Or maybe he’ll move to a small apartment in Santa Monica with his friends Chrissy and Janet.

I’ve been watching the show since the beginning. I’m hoping it ends well and they tie up all the loose ends. They better not pull a LOST on me – where I watch the show for five years and then they end it with the worst finale ever created.


  1. Stewie11 says:

    I had heard about this theory. Very funny and some new comparisons. And I like your picture.

    P.S. Lois must die!

    1. Frootloops says:

      i never thought about the beginning of Mad Men. It is like a skydiving free fall.

  2. Emily says:

    This is a great theory. I love it.

  3. Aniket says:

    OMG. This must be true. It soooooo works.

  4. Chris says:

    Wouldn’t that just be the greatest TV ending of all time? :mrgreen:

    1. Dexter says:

      Yep, Don jumps out of a plane and is never heard from again…except six months later Peggy receives a coconut from Puerto Rico with no return address.

    I love your take on Draper and Cooper. You continue to amaze your Southfield cousin, Steve!

  6. I have to disagree. Don and D.B. were opposites. The FBI said that D.B. was blue collar. He smoked cheap cigarettes and wore a JC Penny clip on tie. That’s the opposite of Don. But still a funny comparison.

    1. Jason79 says:

      Yep. One was cool, the other a dork. Don would have taken the stewardess with him. 😛

  7. Lindsay says:

    D.B. only wishes he were Don Draper. 😆

    1. Pitypang09 says:

      Well, with George Clooney off the market, I guess I’ll have to settle for Jon Hamm. I like Jon, not a fan of Don. 😆

  8. Brit93 says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny. If only D.B. Cooper was more suave, but all the stories say he was a blue collar guy with a grudge against the world. I think he died. I don’t think he made it.

  9. MikeL says:

    So next year will we be treated to Mad Skyjackers, starring Jon Hamm as D.B. Cooper, with Kim Kardashian playing the wacky stewardess??

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