Goodness gracious, things are really heating up in Dearborn, Michigan. It seems a Presbyterian church had the gall to hand out a flyer at several public schools advertising their local Easter egg hunt, and the Muslim community is up in arms.

Muslim parents are worried that the church is trying to convert their children with such blasphemous events as the egg toss and the relay race. The offending flyer, bejeweled with the menacing title of EGGSTRAVAGANZA, has the parents crying foul!

One Muslim father has hired a lawyer and will be suing the school for issues related to separation of church and state. He says his kids (ages 5 and 7) are uncomfortable with the content of these flyers.

His five year old son was quoted as saying, “Father, I am quite uncomfortable with this obvious attempt to convert me and my brethren to the mindset of the church. We must immediately take these heathens to court and use each and every avenue of the justice system to stop their heavy-handed tactics and sometimes obscured attempts to steal my eternal soul. Death to America.”

The pastor at the Cherry Hill Presbyterian church offered the following rebuttal, “The get together is designed to be an opportunity to invite the community to come by for a day of activity-  eat some candy, meet the Easter Bunny, and maybe an hour or two of advanced weapons training.”

The same Muslim father is also upset about the Halloween flyers that went out last year, as he felt this was just another attempt by the church to distribute religious propaganda through the public school system.

Uh huh.

Aside from the fact that Halloween is a pagan holiday, is he kidding?

Does this guy have something against dressing up and eating candy? We’re talking about a friggin Easter egg hunt. Kids run around in the sun, eat candy and vomit on the Easter bunny. There is nothing more American than that (except for all things Duck Dynasty).

This year’s theme at the White House Easter Egg Roll is “Hop into Healthy, Swing into Shape“; an obvious attempt to wipe Islam from the face of the earth. Sarah Palin is right, that Barack Obama is one sneaky Kenyan.

Written by stevemargolis


Euni Rose

Hi Steve,
Since I live in Metro Detroit and am familiar with Dearborn, I was interested in your blog. I did not see the original piece about the Eggstraganza debacle; I do think the Muslim family may have gone overboard, but, and this is a big but, the fact that the church folks advertised their Eggstravaganza to Muslims showed a huge attack of insensitivity. The church people may have said it was simply an event for kids, believe me, that was not their intention. I’ve been involved with the annual Arab Festival in Dearborn; it is a benign, wonderful event for the Arab families (and friends like me); filled with music, dance, storytelling and of course heavenly food. The last time I was there, a right-wing Christian group showed up and harassed the Muslim families, shoving their literature at them, and exhorting them to accept Jesus as their savior. I was appalled and insulted for my friends. This would be like proselytizing at a Purim carnival, yuck! So, Steve, even though this particular Muslim family went over the top, there is history in Dearborn, a long history, of minorities (whoever they are) not being treated as they should.
your cousin Euni


I get what Steve is saying. He’s just saying that everyone is too thin skinned and I agree. Instead of filing a lawsuit, the guy and his family should have talked to the school board first, and not run straight to the newspapers and the lawyers.


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