coversmI wanted to thank everyone who responded to last week’s blog and gave me their opinions about my cover. I received 27 emails, 60 comments, two pipe bombs, a stick of gum, and a marriage proposal (I turned him down).

Pretty much what I expected.

I am going to tweak the cover a bit based on your comments. You had some good ideas. The clown centerfold idea is under serious consideration.

As this will be an eBook, a potential reader will have thousands of choices on Amazon, so I need to make sure my cover really pops, as the cover can really sell the book.

As a matter of fact, just yesterday I donated 4 boxes of books to Goodwill, and I came across a book I purchased based solely on the cover art. It was a memoir and the subject intrigued me, but what sold me was the hot author picture on the cover.

The book sucked, but the cover is stapled to my headboard.

This month, I will be asking a group of people to read my book. I will basically give them a spiral bound copy of the book, and a red pen. I will ask that they read the book, make comments on the pages about things they like and dislike, grammatical errors, etc…and then I’ll collect the books and read through them.

I’ll probably make it anonymous so people will give me their true thoughts and feelings.

After I have read all the comments and made any necessary changes, I’ll send the book out for a professional edit, and I should get it online by the end of March.

Thank you again for the responses.

Written by stevemargolis



You could put a big sticker on the cover that says “FREE CLOWN CENTERFOLD INCLUDED!” 😛


Not only should you put a clown porrn centerfold right smack in the center of the book, but you should have a special section about “Lumpy – the Plastic Surgery Clown”.

Hey, you want a book that’s different, right? 😳


Well fat man, I expect my copy of your trashy debut novel on my doorstep any day now.

P.S. Lois must die- slowly if i give her your book! 😆


I think you’re a few years late to be nominated for Oprah’s Book Club but what about Clown and Trapeze seal of excellence?

9th Element

I’m picturing a Park Avenue book signing and a clown car pulls up and each of the 20 clowns that get out are holding your book.


I’d be curious what others have to say also. Congratulations on you ALMOST complete book.


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