Become Captain Kirk OR Captain Picard?

Speak all foreign languages fluently OR be able to speak to all animals?

Get into a fist fight with Justin Bieber OR a hair pulling fight with Kim Kardashian?

A date with Jennifer Lawrence/Ryan Gosling OR free food for your family for a year?

Travel into the future OR travel into the past?

Free iTunes for a year OR free Starbucks for a year?

Lose your hearing OR lose your sense of taste?

Be the richest person in the world OR live forever?

Find out how you will die OR be able to watch your own funeral?

Be ignorant OR annoying?

Live in a wealthy retirement home OR live in a mental institution where everyone is hot?

Be a famous baseball player for $1,000/year OR a professional bowler for $1 million/year?

Receive a billion dollars OR donate a billion dollars?

Be able to rewind moments of your life OR fast forward moments of your life?

Always know when someone is lying OR always get away with your lies?

Breathe like Darth Vader OR talk like Yoda?

Be a beggar OR a thief?

Have a chauffeur OR a personal chef?

Know how the world ends OR when the world ends.

Written by stevemargolis

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