The rollout of the ObamaCare website was a complete joke.

You’d think for $500 million dollars the site would at least handle more than 200 people at a time.

It didn’t.

You’d think the website would be well-organized.

It wasn’t.

You’d think that you could compare prices without typing in your life story.

You can’t (although this may change in the next few weeks).

Let’s face it. It sucks. That’s why it’s undergoing revision.

Now, while I’m not an expert in much, sans weed and clown pornography, I do have experience creating high-volume, web-based, customer portals. I have managed five of these particular rollouts. There are basic rules, guidelines, and commonsense strategies that you need to follow if you want to be successful.

Rumors were running rampant from the very start, that the website was crashing when more than 200 users accessed the site at one time.


Ok. First point. How can you construct a website to roll out a national healthcare initiative to millions of people and not worry about the fact that it crashes when 200 people are using it?

You had three years to test it! This should have been the primary objective in your mind! You should have been all over this like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball.

At the very least, why not get some pointers or advice from the people who designed,, or They know how to handle high volumes of users. They could have helped you!

Second point. A site should be well-organized and logical. The Obamacare website was poorly designed, redundant, and illogical. It’s the 4th Kardashian sister. It should have been divided into simple functional areas like SHOP, REGISTER, and ENROLL. How difficult is that?

Third point. Know your audience. No one wants to fill out a long questionnaire before they are allowed to shop for prices. You should be able to login and check out prices immediately. Again, the designers forgot the whole reason behind this website. It should be like shopping at Wal-Mart – I want to go in, spend $20, and walk out with a hunting rifle, a football, and an engagement ring.

For ObamaCare to work, it needs to accomplish one goal – a lot of young, healthy people need to sign up.

The older people and the people with pre-existing conditions will patiently endure a crappy website, or sit on the phone for hours to get their coverage. But if ObamaCare wants to attract the younger generation, the cool kids who have money to burn, then they need to provide a site that is easy to use and holds their attention for more than five seconds.


If the cool kids have a bad experience, they won’t sign up, and ObamaCare goes down the tubes.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius needs to resign. She is asleep at the wheel.

A few weeks ago, Congress asked her to testify about the website debacle, but she couldn’t make it – she was too busy with an appearance on the Daily Show and a Kennedy Center gala.


It was a pretty simple task – make an easy to use, interesting website, that can handle large volumes of users.

And her team failed.

Someone needs to staple a Burger King application to her office door.


Written by stevemargolis


Mike L

It is pretty sad that the ‘technology’president blew his first big technology project. Hopefully it will get fixed.


I like how the Republicans do everything they can to sink Obamacare, and then when it sinks, they open up hearings to ask why.

That was sarcasm.


It would have been nice to have a public option so there would be more competitive pricing.


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