Well today I finally sent out the query letters for my new book, so I guess I’ll find out if anyone is interested in reading my book proposal. I’m hoping for a few nibbles since clown porn is en vogue right now (I said en vogue rather than in vogue because I’m sophisticated and just ate French fries).

In the meantime, to keep my mind off the waiting, and eventual disappointment, I am going to build another movie prop.

If you have ever browsed my website (and who hasn’t ?), you noticed that I like to recreate movie props. I like the challenge of gathering together screen shots, tracking down the necessary parts, and assembling the components into a working model.  Within the last few years I built these:

a Star Trek Next Generation PADD

a Star Wars light saber  

I’ve also been working on a Twilight Zone prop but this one has been much harder to build because I am unable to find the correct fortune telling machine to use as a base. I may end up fashioning one on my own – perhaps with a 3D printer.

Anyway, the prop that I will now try to recreate is the remote control unit for the DeLorean in Back to the Future. I have located most of the parts for it, and I can handle the basic wiring to make it functional. I just need to find the proper remote control unit that’s used as the base.

The base unit I’m looking for is called a Futaba PCM FP-T8SGA-P, and it hasn’t been made since the 1980’s. I have seen a few come up on eBay.

If you look at the picture above, you’ll notice  the PCM logo in the lower left corner is green. This is the proper screen-version of the remote that was used in the movie. They run about $700.

I can always buy one with the red logo for half the price, and then cover the red logo with a green decal. We’ll see.

I like to make props as original as possible.

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