I thought it would be nice to share some of the feedback I have been receiving for my website and blog. I hope to post more later!

** of course they’re not real.


“Tis one of the best amalgamations of quality information ever amassed by a common man. Do tell me, has Rhianna split from that vocalist yet?” – Thomas Jefferson


“This impressive compilation of witticisms, aphorisms, and proverbs make Poor Richard’s Almanack look like a hefty rucksack of shite. I have not seen such a body of work since that threesome at Monticello. It still hurts whilst I pee.” – Ben Franklin


“This website is so clever and intelligent it makes me chortle like a mother-fucker.” – Sigmund Freud


“Imagination is more important than knowledge, as should be quite evident from this site. Talk about a black hole!” – Albert Einstein


“You’re website is a standout amongst a sea of inferior products. But you must brand it, give it a name, give it a voice, as I did by branding my masterpiece the “Model T”. The Marketing Department turned down “Jew Hater Mark V…..twice.”  – Henry Ford


“When the Skipper is not riding me like a dime store pony, I love to visit this site. I like knowing there is someone out there who is dumber than I am. Also, be careful of those newspaper ads looking for a “first mate!” – Gilligan


“While Gilligan and I don’t agree on much these days, thanks to our falling out over the Professor, we can agree on two things. One, you can never have too much lobster. And two, butchering Ginger was the right thing to do.” – Skipper


“Steve’s website taught me that if I can imagine it, I can achieve it; if I can dream it, I can become it. He also taught me my vagina is not a clown car.” – Nadya Suleman


“Now that I’m doing the rehab thing again, I have started to read Steve’s website again, eat right, and drink plenty of water. I love  Grey Goose water because it makes my insides tingle.” – Lindsay Lohan


“Sometimes when Grandpa and I are in the dungeon, and the car batteries are no longer attached to my nipples, I log right onto this site for a laugh. And yes, Lilly and I have done it in the coffin phone booth. I’m a stud, what can I say?” – Herman Munster


“This guy is a whack job – we’re talking like 40 whacks!” – Lizzie Borden


“Steve’s site is great, and he’s great looking. I always wondered  what Andy Dick would look like if he went to the gym.” – Joan Rivers


“Wow. This site is like a cross between Sheldon Cooper and  bird flu. This guy probably makes onions cry.” – Kaley Cuoco


“I really like this site a lot, but I have some practical advice for you: You should listen to your heart and not to the voices in your head.” – Marge Simpson

Written by stevemargolis



Gilligan and the Skipper….it was the forbidden love story of the century…if you don’t count Ernie and Bert.

P.S. Lois must die!

Euni Rose

My favorite is the Henry Ford quote! I think you have become my favorite lunatic!! Ever onward!


So what actually happened to Ginger? I think in the episode “long term parking” the Skipper and Gilligan left her body in the trunk of that bamboo car and parked it on the other side of the island; near the Walmart!


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