Harrison Ford has been in the news quite a bit lately. Not only has he signed on for the next Indiana Jones movie, but he will also reprise the role of Han Solo in the newly announced Star Wars reboot.

The Star Wars movie sounds great as long as the Han Solo character is age appropriate. Let’s be sensible, Harrison is old; the action scenes should be kept to a minimum.  Han Solo with a blaster in one hand, and tugging at his Depends with the other would be terribly disappointing. And the Life Alert medallion hanging around his neck?

“I’ve been blasted and I can’t get up!’

Uncool. Yoda should be the only character in Star Wars who walks with a cane and has a shriveled penis. If it’s done correctly, a 70-year-old Harrison Ford can still pull off a convincing and loveable rogue like Han Solo. But in this case, less action is better.

Indiana Jones is a different story.

The last Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sucked with a capital “S”. The acting was good, the directing was good, but let’s face it, the story blew. Hiding from a nuclear bomb inside a refrigerator is not exactly true science. I think that’s why this time around, Steven Spielberg said he won’t direct the new movie unless George Lucas writes the story AND the screenplay, which is probably a good idea.

Indiana Jones is a physically demanding role, and I just don’t know if Harrison Ford can make me believe – audiences are too sophisticated to use a stuntman in every scene.

My question has always been, why can’t we simply replace Harrison Ford with a new actor? It’s been done six times for James Bond, and no one seems to care. It’s been done with Jason Bourne, and the franchise is still going strong. Hell, it was even done with Darren on Bewitched and no one noticed. Change is not always bad.

I grew up with Roger Moore as James Bond, but you know what? Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig have been every bit as good, and sometimes better.

So here are my picks for a new Indiana Jones:

5.   Nathan Fillion

4.   Robert Downey Jr.

3.   Leonardo Dicaprio

2.   Brad Pitt

1.   Hugh Jackman

These are my personal choices. What are yours?

Written by stevemargolis



I think they should use Hugh Jackman as Han and Kate Bekinsale as Leia. They were great together in Van Helsing. And I think Han should have retracting metal claws like Wolverine. And Leia should have to wear a white catsuit. :mrgreen:


I don’t think Alec Baldwin is busy right now. 😕 But we don’t need any big star meltdowns, so I say Rick Castle. He IS ruggedly handsome.


This is a total no brainer- Bradley Cooper. He has the right looks and the right personality. 😛


I think Nathan Fillion could do it. He was great in a similar role in Firefly. P.S. Lois must die.


If I have to pick one of yours, then Hugh Jackman. If I can pick one of mine, James Franco. Dr. Jones needs an edge!


How about Matthew Davis from the Vampire Diaries? He’s hot and a great actor. Also Rick castle would be great.


I think we need someone a bit older so either Brad Pitt or Nathan Fillion. They both would be great.


Josh Brolin would kick ass. Did you see him in Jonah Hex? he was playing Indiana Jones, just dead. 😈


I think I could play a rugged, all-American hero.
I vote for Penny!


Chris Hemsworth. He is hot. He is the perfect Indiana Jones and he’s young enough to be in the next 10 movies.


You nailed this one. Hot! Hot! Hot! And tall. Really tall. LOL, I am ready to get in line now. 😳


Harrison will return as Indiana Jones and will be wearing a Cleopatra earring, per his demands.


Nathan as Indie, mmm maybe, but I think Star Wars VII would be a better vehicle for him. Although we obviously don’t know the story-line yet, George Lucas is still a consultant, and years ago he said the 3rd trilogy took place about 20 years after Jedi and Han, Luke and Leia are still characters in the movie. Although it pains me to see anyone else as Han, Nathan would be an excellent choice to play him since Harrison is obviously too old for the role now. Plus, Nathan (as Castle) already has Han’s “it’s me” down pat. You know, I think that Stana would play a great Leia – the class and the spunk in one package. We know they have chemistry together, sooo Disney, are you paying attention??!!


As much as think Nathan would be perfect to play the role of Indie, I’m not sure if they should make another movie. The last one didn’t do so well, and people are over that series. I don’t want him to be in another mediocre movie that doesn’t do well. He needs something original where he can shine on a comedy and drama level. I think Indiana Jones is a chewed off bone.


Ya Nathan wud be gr8. In fact he had done a photo shoot a while back where he got to dress up as Indy!


If Nathan wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds, I think he could pull this off. Goodness knows he could handle the comedy/drama of the role beautifully.


Ryan Phillipe. 😛 Its time to make Indiana less wimpy and more edgy. he should play Hans Solo too!!!


Brad Pitt would be perfect. He has pretty much lived the Indy life already, so my vote goes to him.


Matthew Davis could rock the Indiana Jones character. Plus he would attract more young viewers like me.


Nathan Fillion can pull off absolutely anything…..he’s a rockstar!!!!!
just a little weight loss and he’s ready!!!!! wat do u think??


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