This week I did not have a lot of time to write my blog – I’ve been incredibly busy cleaning up and revising my book so I can send it out at the end of the month.

But never fear, the crap-fest continues.  I have included snippets from my book that did NOT make the cut.

So after reading what I did CUT, just imagine what I left in!

The sun was shining. The traffic was moving. The gentleman in front of me had finished putting on his makeup. All in all, a good start to the day in Los Angeles.

Not the “I’ve been playing football for two hours” kind of sweat, but the cold sweat that forms on your brow when you grab the last bag of cookies off the supermarket shelf and find Rosie O’Donnell standing directly behind you scowling.

After that, I never again ordered a chili dog from a Japanese restaurant.

In just a few short weeks I would begin my academic career. I would be playing in the sandbox, peeing in my pants, and sometimes doing both at the same time. I was multitasking long before Microsoft told me it was fashionable.

She accepted my apology with as much sincerity as a Mel Gibson donation to the JDL.

I had only been strip-searched once and that was by the janitor. We still keep in touch.

Written by stevemargolis



I am trying to figure out and I can’t for the life of me figure out, how those 6 quotes are part of the same theme. I think your book centers around bacon, Mel Gibson, and Nathan Lane. Am I close?


LOL. I have seen men putting on makeup in the car especially near the studios. It’s a total turn on. HA! Not! The strip search thing intrigues me though. Hmmmm.


Is this book sold and you are finishing it up, or are you still looking around for an agent/publisher? Great job finishing a complete book either way.


I will be sending out queries and looking for an agent.
The odds are against new writers….experts say send out 100 queries and expect 2-5 responses.
Seems worth it. HA!


Based on some of our conference calls, I can only imagine what’s in this book. You better have a lot of release forms and a good lawyer ready. 😀


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