November 22, 1963, Part 1

There have always been conspiracy theories. Sometimes the general public can’t accept that bad things happen for no reason or just happen randomly.

Almost 50 years ago, the Warren Commission found that a lone gunman killed President Kennedy; that the assassin was a Communist and he acted alone.

Since then, evidence has been piling up directly contradicting this lone gunman theory. This evidence has been collected by assassination researchers who obtained previously classified documents via the Freedom of Information Act, long suppressed witness testimony, and ordinary people acting as historical detectives.

The official 1964 pronouncement from the Warren Commission stated that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy. According to J. Edgar Hoover, the assassin was an unhappy individual, a Communist, and a nut who wanted to become a part of history.

Assassination researchers have always thought there was more than one shooter. In fact, most Americans do not know this, but in 1976, the House Select Committee on Assassinations reversed the Warren Commission findings and agreed that President Kennedy probably died as the result of a conspiracy, and that more than one shooter was involved. The committee stopped short of saying that Oswald was innocent, but found there to be an additional shooter on the grassy knoll.


I have always believed there were a handful of gunmen spread out within Dealy Plaza, and that the entire coup was coordinated via radio and walkie talkie. If you really want to know what happened, you need to study the events before the media and government became involved and cranked up the disinformation machinery. You need to watch the films, look at the photos, and talk to the people before the cover-up took on a life of its own. Without going into the mountains of evidence, let me show you just one of the stranger aspects of the assassination itself.

Here is a photo just after Kennedy had been shot and the limousine was racing to the hospital.

As you can see people are running, families are ducking for cover, the police are chasing the limousine, and newsmen are snapping photos….complete and utter chaos.

The President of the United States has just been shot, there are police and Secret Service men swarming the plaza, pandemonium everywhere…and the two guys on the curb are just sitting there, looking relaxed, even bored.

Film and photos of the day show that these two men would later just walk away, having never been questioned by anyone in charge, even though they were just feet from the actual assassination.

The two men have become known as the “radio man” and the “umbrella man” because of the strange things they did just before the assassination.

Here’s another photo of the men just seconds after the fatal shot.

The man in the light jacket appears to be talking into a walkie talkie.

This is not a reflection or a funny camera angle, the antenna is clearly visible in this and other photos taken that day.





In fact, a few moments later, the man has put the bulky walkie talkie in his jacket pocket, and you can still see the outline of it below.

Notice the rectangular bulge in his right jacket pocket?

In this close up, the men still look pretty calm considering what just happened and what’s going on around them.

The Warren Commission and the House Select Committee never identified either of these individuals.


They never really looked.


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