As I sat down to write this blog, I wondered if I should be writing about the upcoming presidential elections or about Halloween.

Although Mitt Romney is certainly as frightening as any character from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, I was able to come up with an angle that will allow me to write about the government AND Halloween, all in one convenient package – the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Still with me?  LOL.

According to this energy policy, beginning in 2007, daylight saving time would move from the end of October, to the beginning of November. What a strange thing to do; to make the beginning of daylight saving time 3-5 days later? Hmmm. Sounds like I need to drag out the Mystery Machine (and the condoms for Daphne).

Well, it turns out that the candy industry, an industry that can pull in over 2 billion dollars each year just from Halloween sales, had a helping-hand in changing Congress’s mind. More daylight means more time to trick or treat. Officially, Congress claimed that moving daylight savings time forward a few days would save money, but in reality, it was simply Congress caving-in to special interest groups. Sad.


And while I’m ranting about Halloween, I read an interesting article on the internet this week. It seems that one of the employees of a haunted house got punched out by a patron making his way through it.

The patron was arrested for assault, but I have to wonder about the decision to arrest him. It appears that this patron was justifiably scared at some point during his haunted house excursion, and rather than falling to the floor and trembling, he freaked out and kicked the employee  knocking her down.

The police found that he was not drunk, high, or related to Mel Gibson. He had just been startled. Badly.

Should this kid have really been arrested? Personally, I would have made him apologize, but I don’t think I would have arrested him. I would have told him to stay out of haunted houses and stick to short jaunts to the local mall to see the Great Pumpkin.

Sometimes the flight or fight impulse just kicks in and you’re suddenly at the mercy of thousands of years of evolution. I remember being in the cookie aisle of Ralphs and grabbing the last box of Chips Ahoy, only to turn around and see Rosie O’Donnell standing behind me and scowling.

Sometimes the scariest stories are true.

Written by stevemargolis

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Robin Bielman

Hi Steve! My mom is sitting here with me and just told me you blogged so I immediately logged on. You’ve got a great site here! And oh my gosh, you made me laugh out loud. (Scooby Doo fan here among other things in your post.)

Have an awesome week!


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