So last week I was surfing one of my favorite websites, The Chive, when I noticed a banner announcing a new t-shirt design contest.

Now even though I am technically a writer, I am pretty good with Photoshop, so I decided to give graphic artistry a try.

I looked at the t-shirts for sale in the Chive’s store, and designed what I thought would be a good fit.

Apparently, the Chive did not find my artwork as as clever as I did.

I did not make the final cut, and two guys from the Chive showed up and confiscated all my crayons and markers.

They did however,  leave me with a magazine advertisement for an online art school (and yes, I drew “Skippy”).

I have posted my two entries below.

I’ll enter again next time, but with a simple, single-color design.












Written by stevemargolis

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