Resistance Is Futile

Ah, the Borg. Those brutal, yet loveable robotic drones from the fictional world of Star Trek. The Borg, for those of you who don’t follow Star Trek, were a frightening species who went around the galaxy assimilating other races and making them part of their own collective society.

The Borg assimilated their victims with the cold and vacant efficiency of the German Gestapo, or a telemarketer from the American Red Cross.

Though the Borg rarely spoke, when they did, they would utter the simple phrase “resistance is futile” in a low and machine-like tone.

But it was these same cold-hearted, fictional characters that launched Obama’s political career.

In 1997, one of the best reasons to turn on the TV was to watch Jeri Ryan portray a human who had recently been rescued from the Borg and un-assimilated. While her acting was very good, she became better known for her costume, which was basically skintight, and covered with discarded parts from old toasters and waffle irons. Paramount Pictures and UPN were pleasantly surprised when the ratings soared. I guess these network brainiacs never imagined that putting a hot, half-naked chick on a nerd-friendly TV show would boost the ratings.

She continued working on the series until it ended in 2001.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Jeri also happened to be married to a Republican banker named Jack Ryan, who in 2004, would run for an open Senate seat representing the state of Illinois.

He and Jeri divorced in 1999,  and at the same time, went through a very messy custody battle. A few years later, when Jack decided to run for Senate, the Chicago press asked him to release his divorce and custody records.

He agreed to release the divorce records, but not the custody records, as he felt his young son should not be exposed to all the negativity.

In 2004, as the race for the Illinois Senate seat was in high gear, a judge in Los Angeles unsealed the couple’s custody records (Jeri and Jack had kept dual residences in Chicago and Los Angeles).

The custody record read like a weekend at Bill Clinton’s house (sans Hillary). Even Hugh Hefner was impressed. The release of these records basically torpedoed any chance Jack had of winning, so he withdrew his candidacy.

His Democratic opponent, Barack Obama, won the vacant Senate seat in the 2004 election.

So while Obama is definitely NOT a Muslim, he may very well be a fan of the Borg collective.

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