I decided when I began this blog that I would keep political commentary to a minimum. I really didn’t expect to post my first political blog so soon. I’ll keep it short.

Last week, the United States Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, was constitutional.

That’s great. But let’s talk about Mitt Romney for a moment.

Obamacare is based on the program that Mitt Romney designed and put into use in Massachusetts. It was a solid and well thought-out program, and Mitt even took credit for creating the “individual mandate” portion of the program. Below is a segment from one of his televised speeches in 2006:

“With regards to the mandate, the individual responsibility program which I proposed, I was very pleased to see that the compromise from the two houses includes the personal responsibility principle, which is essential for bringing health care costs down for everyone, and for getting everybody the health insurance they deserve and need. So I was very pleased with that development.”

Mitt Romney created a great piece of legislation, helped tens of thousands of Massachusetts families, and did such a fine job, that the Democrats modeled their signature healthcare program on his example.

But unfortunately for Mitt, he has to bury this success. Thanks to the Tea Party, FOX News, and the amazingly right-wing, new and improved Republican Party, Romney can’t take credit for his triumph.

He has to back pedal. He has to tell reporters that while the individual mandate is good for Massachusetts, it’s not necessarily good for the country. How sad.

With the Supreme Court calling the Affordable Care Act, a tax, Romney’s new line of thinking is to refer to Obamacare as a tax hike on Middle America.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker have announced that they will not be implementing the Affordable Care Act. Even the Republican Governor’s Association has decided to ignore the ruling until after the November elections.

Good for you guys. Way to piss on the Supreme Court.

If history has taught us anything (Do they still teach History in the red states?), when the middle class disintegrates, the rich had better head for the hills. It won’t be pretty.

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