“If you purchase one bottle of Boxer Uprising, you get the second one for free. Just pay separate postage and handling.”

Hopefully everyone reading this knows that you’re not really getting the second product for free.

The boner medication you’re buying has such a huge profit margin, that it just appears that you’re getting the second bottle for free. Here’s why:

When you purchase your Admiral Winky medication, the transaction looks something like this:

$ 20   First bottle
$  0   Second bottle
$  5   Shipping – first bottle
$  5   Shipping – second bottle
$30   Total
The actual cost of the transaction is:$  5   First bottle
$  5   Second bottle
$  3   Shipping – first bottle
$  3   Shipping – second bottle
$16   Total

That’s a profit of $14 per order every time you order medication for the pleasure piston.

The question is, why not sell the tablets for a lower price and still make the same $14 profit? Why all the smoke and mirrors?

Because Americans won’t buy it! They like to barter. They like to deal. They like to win. They’re always looking for a bigger, better deal. They need to feel like winners, even when making purchases for the cherished Chubster.

On cable shows like Pawn Stars, sellers routinely ask for $1 more, just to best the pawn shop owner in the negotiation.

Even now, consumers are displeased with JC Penney for creating everyday low prices, and robbing them of their seasonal sales and coupon events.

I think General George S. Patton, Jr. summed it up nicely:

“America loves a winner, and will not tolerate a loser…”

Written by stevemargolis

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