Thank God for Evolution

Last night I watched with fascination as two diametrically opposed crankcases argued evolution versus creation. One thing was apparent – there would be no compromise. Everything was black or white. Good or evil. Paper or plastic.

Whatever happened to being able to see both sides of an issue? Why does it always have to be evolution or creationism? Science or Scripture? Fact or fairy tale?

I was a biology major and come down squarely on the side of evolution, but only to a point. If everything on this planet evolved, then we should be able to reverse course and trace that object all the way back to its humble beginnings.

When it comes to Homo sapiens, evolution can only get you so far. Once you get back to the original humans, you have to wonder how they got there. Am I supposed to believe that a single-celled organism, over the course of billions of years, morphed and evolved into the forerunner of the modern NASCAR fan?

What are the odds of getting both a male and female human at the same time, in the same geographic area, with differing genitalia, all conveniently located next to a prehistoric Motel 6 with hourly rates tailor-made for Neanderthal procreation needs?

Why can’t we just follow evolution back to Adam and Eve and say game, set, and match to evolution? Then, as to how the first humans actually got there… can’t we chalk that one up to intelligent design?

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